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Create Agent dialog

Create Agent dialog

NOTE: Displayed value boxes only support the MacRoman character set - Unicode data may not display properly although underlying Unicode data if not affect as long as the box is not edited.

This dialog allows initial configuration of new Agents.

The agent dialog's pop-up menu options for choosing the agent query permit text or name to be selected for any binary operator. For example pop-up selections & inputs of :

[Text or Name] [==] [Lincoln]

Generates this action code for the query:


In early versions, only the contains operator was available (and, in most cases, only the contains operator is useful).

The OK button will be greyed out if a rule or action cannot be parsed. The unparseable code will remain highlighted to facilitate corrections.

N.B. if a new agent is added whilst Find view is open, the agent's query defaults to the Find view's query.

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