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Info view

Info view

The Note Info window is called from the Note menu and contains two section; it is available for agents and attributes as well as notes. The upper section contains contextual information about the note:

Inherited values are drawn in grey whilst values set specifically for this note are drawn in black (for example, the 'number' value of the 'AttributeDataType' attribute).

NOTE: Displayed value boxes only support the MacRoman character set - Unicode data may not display properly although underlying Unicode data is not affected as long as the data in box is not edited/saved.

Editing attribute values

Except for read-only attributes, attributes may also be added/deleted or their values altered using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog. If focus is on an attribute name the buttons are:

If focus is on an attribute value the buttons are:

Read-only attribute values may not be opened for edit, but may be copied - select the right-hand column value box and use Cmd+C to coy the value.

Double-clicking boxes in the attribute lists starts an edit. Double-click a right-column box to edit this current notes attribute value. Double-clicking the left-column box edits the document-level default value of the attribute, i.e. it affects all notes not just the current one.

From v5.10.2, when editing an alias, values for intrinsic attributes are set correctly (previously the original's value was altered).

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