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 Agent configuration




 Already in v5.0.0


Allows agent to run less frequently than normal, or be turned off.

A new pop-up menu in the Create/Rename Agent dialog allows manual change of agent priority. Regardless of the setting, every agent is always updated before export and when updating manually, except for agents that have been turned off.

The mapping of number values to the text names used in the Priority pop-up menu on the Create Agent and Rename Agent dialogs is as follows:

The $AgentPriority can only be set as a number - don't use text values or you get an error. Any other number value than those listed above causes the dialog pop-up to show 'highest'. Whether this is the true result, i.e. that setting '9' results in the same as setting '0' is not clear.

The default value of $AgentPriority is 1, which will cause the agent to be checked at roughly ten second intervals. Higher values of $AgentPriority cause the agent to be checked less frequently.

Setting $AgentPriority to 0 asks Tinderbox to check the agent as frequently as possible.

Setting $AgentPriority to -1 asks Tinderbox to retain existing matches but never update, effectively turning the agent off whilst retaining the last set of data and is excluded from Export and 'manual' update agent updates. Thus the current results can be 'frozen' and persist between sessions. However, if an agent is being turned off just to drop it out of regular cycles it will need to manually be set to a value or zero or greater before it can be used/updated - and manually reset to 'off' after use if it desired to 'freeze' it again.

Prior to v5.8.0, adornment's $AgentPriority defaulted to 0 (highest) instead of 1 (normal).

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