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Create Adornment dialog

Create Adornment dialog

The Create Adornment dialog or Adornment window allows you to create adornments in Map views. Adornments sit 'behind' notes and allow you to add areas of colour with optional labels to help with visual organisation. Optional query functions allow creation of 'smart' adornments.

NOTE: Displayed value boxes only support the MacRoman character set - Unicode data may not display properly although underlying Unicode data if not affect as long as the box is not edited.

The dialog has the following settings:

Atypically, this dialog cannot be called from any of the main menus, but only from a Map view's pop-up menu.

Sorting - sorting only applies to smart adornments. Sort settings are ignored by ordinary adornments.

The OK button will be greyed out if a rule or action cannot be parsed. The non-parseable code will remain highlighted to facilitate corrections.

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