This version is out of date, covering development from v9.0.0 to v9.3.0. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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v9.1.0b542 (10 Dec 2021)

Released 10 Dec 2021. Build number is 542.

Eastgate release page for this version is here.

Minor changes not necessarily warranting explicit mention in an aTbRef note:

  • Export:
    • Corrected a problem in HTML export of relative links when the relative link is ^included^ from a note that is not a sibling of the current note. (This ought to have been in b525, and was not.)
    • When evaluating ^linkTo()^ from the text of an included note, the link url was evaluated relative to the included note rather than the current page.
    • Corrected a possible crash when exporting a single note, arising because a closure was trying to capture a stack-allocated instance of HypertextQueues.
    • The built-in Composites container is now set to neither export itself nor its children.
    • The HTML Preview controller is now faster in large documents. Before export, Tinderbox builds a table of file names for each exported note. Siblings with identical names are automatically disambiguated during export. However, this process is inherently quadratic in runtime. In large documents, this is negligible when exporting an entire document but significant when previewing an individual page; we now avoid testing name collisions in preview.
  • The Export to: button in the export inspector now has the correct layout height even if the export folder is not present.
    • HTML Preview failed to turn off entification when $HTMLEntities was false.
    • RTF Export now removes the right margin from exported text.
    • HTML Export: Tinderbox failed to recognise bold passages for some of its bundled fonts, notably Mercury and Ideal.
  • Import:
    • Explode again has the shortcut ⌘⇧-E.
    • Tinderbox declined to import text files longer than 50K. That is too low a limit these days—especially since this might include HTML files with a lot of stylesheets and javascript that will not show up in the import.
  • Inspector:
    • The Inspector window no longer grows automatically if you have lengthy code into the Stamp code pane.
    • In the Appearance Inspector Interior tab, the label for the Large badge checkbox is no longer clipped.
    • Several anomalies with the Window ▸ Prototype Inspector (3) command have been corrected.
  • Map view:
    • Pressing Return to create a note no longer insists that the new note may not be placed on an adornment.
    • Document Settings:Map now properly reflects the status of Adjacent Notes For Composites and Opaque Adornments.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The menu bar and the About… dialog on Chinese systems said "Tinderbox 8", not "Tinderbox 9".
    • Corrected a race condition and potential crash when updating the text pane after applying a stamp.
    • Addressed a potential crash when the fill directory (for custom $Fill) has multiple subfolders.
    • The Document Settings window title failed properly to handle characters that do not occur in English.
    • The indexing thread is now shut down more promptly, which should eliminate intermittent crashes after closing a document on unusually-busy machines.
    • Tinderbox could save unreadable files if the recent badges list included a badge name containing and ampersand or left-angle-bracket.
    • The time period for TbxRateLimiter, which suppresses repeated screen updates, has been increased to from 0.25sec to 0.75sec, in hopes this will improve behaviour in aTbRef.
    • Adjusted the layout of the Roadmap's list cells, which had unsatisfiable constraints.
    • Copying and pasting text with text links could fail, especially in older documents, because a pasteboard descriptor for the ID was written as unsigned but read as signed.
    • We no longer rescan all notes when loaded, as in large documents this takes a lot of time.
    • A layout problem had crept into Browse Links.
    • In the Format Menu, Strikethrough is checked when the start of the current selection is struck through, and Underline is checked when the start of the current selection is underlined.
    • Improved interaction between Stamp notes and the Stamps Inspector when both are open simultaneously and you are editing the note selected in the Stamps inspector.
    • Improved the appearance of unselected links in the Roadmap.
    • Addressed a crash on reverting a document.
    • The document window's view pane and tab bar now accept the first mouse click on activation.
  • Outline view:
    • It is no longer possible to outdent the parent note of a hoisted outline. If the hoisted parent note is selected, Shift+Tab (⇧⇥) is ignored.
    • Document Settings:Outlines again handles Black and White Outline Titles appropriately.
    • The Home and End keys now work correctly in outlines.
  • Taggers:
    • Editing a tagger note now marks the tagger as needing to be reloaded when the index is next revised. Previously, the old tagger might be used for the revision. Changes to a tagger should now be reflected more often (e.g. after the next agent update cycle) but will not overload the system.
    • The tagging queue is now lower priority to avoid congestion after opening large documents.
  • Text pane:
    • The Displayed Attributes table attempts more emphatically not to refresh values you are editing.
    • After pasting text, code fields now normalises indentation and font, i.e. existing (style) rulers are retained. This avoids a different line-wrap width being set as in the past.
    • When the 'Preview' tab of the text pane is active, Window menu now offers to show the 'Export' Pane, previously the 'HTML' Pane.
    • Format ▸ Style ▸ Standard Font, when selected from the view pane, failed appropriately to adjust text colour and background colour for dark mode.
  • See 9.1.0 Release Notes for more detail of minor points.

    A Tinderbox Reference File : Change Log : v9.1.0b542 (10 Dec 2021)