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Altering Scope of Outline views

Just as in a Map view it is possible to alter the focus (scope) of an Outline view. By default, a new TBX opens as an Outline view with every note in scope (even if folded away from view within a container).

Note: the commands here can also be applied to Treemap and Chart views. Map views have a few slight navigational differences.

Can I have an outline of just a part of my document?

Yes. Select the note to take focus and Note menu -> Hoist. If you'd prefer the new outline to be a separate window, instead use Views menu -> New Outline View to make a new outline window.

Can I shift focus up/down one container level, as with a map?

Yes. To move up a level there are 2 methods:

To move ('drill') down, there is one option only. Select the note to act as the new focus, then use Note menu -> Hoist (there is no shortcut). if you use the opposite shortcut to that for Expand View (i.e. a 'drill down' shortcut) is merely expands the current container in the view without shifting focus. This makes sense as there may be more than one child container and via the shortcut Tinderbox has no way to tell which sub-container is the users desired new focus.

How do I quickly get back to whole-document outline focus?

Use Note menu -> Unhoist (there is no shortcut).

How can I tell if my current outline view has whole-document focus?

If the 'left-arrow' icon bottom left of the view window is greyed out, the outline is showing the highest left of focus, i.e. the whole document. Still unsure? Use the 'Unhoist' method mentioned above as the resultant scope is always for the whole document.

A Tinderbox Reference File : Windows : Document Window : View pane : Outline view : Altering Scope of Outline views