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Export pane

The HTML view opens showing just the contents of the current note, but the tick boxes at the left of an HTML view window choose what other content may be included (and is show in the code section of the window). Exports the text in the selected note and potentially, based on settings its descendants—the notes it contains, the notes they contain, and so on. Child notes may either be exported separately and/or included as part of the current note's export. If the panel's settings are changed or a preview or export in invoked the views contents are automatically refreshed and updated before the code is processed.

Note that although the Export folder is a document level setting it can only be set via this view and not via the Preferences HTML pane.

Some source text entities/characters are automatically translated to HTML entities without needing to resort to use of the $HTMLEntities attribute:

Characters already already entered in the text as HTML entities are detected and exported as expected.

Tinderbox recognises macros embedded in text. If a paragraph contains only a macro, Tinderbox doesn't add paragraph mark-up to that paragraph — it assumes that the macro will do this.

If you want Tinderbox to add paragraph mark-up, just add some space characters before or after the macro.

Tinderbox recognises any paragraph that contains only export template expressions (notably ^include(…)^ and ^children(…)^ ). Tinderbox won't add paragraph mark-up to the result of these expressions. Again, adding space characters before or after the mark-up will cause Tinderbox to add paragraph mark-up. If an export code is on a line of its own before the end of the note, do ensure you add closing ^ or the output HTML may not be as you suspect.

Tinderbox ships with the specimen templates stored internally within the application package. This means you can immediately access a few basic templates in a new TBX without having to manually set up a template folder as in the past. Of course, if you wish to use your own templates you will still need to set the template folder location manual before use.

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