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An attribute controlling export of the current note's children.

The interpretation of $HTMLDontExport and $HTMLExportChildren has been simplified. These attributes are most often controlled in the HTML View, through the check-box items Export and Export Children.

If Export As Page is checked, Tinderbox will create an HTML file for the note. If it is not checked, no file will be created. The note's contents might appear on another HTML page, of course, by being ^include^-d by name or as one of another node's ^descendants^.

If Export Children is checked, Tinderbox will attempt to export the node's children (if any). Each child, of course, may have an Export As Page attribute.

Both Export Children and Export as Page are consulted when exporting, and the two settings are completely independent. We can export a page but not its children; we can export the children but not export any HTML for a note, or we can create both an HTML page and a directory of child pages.

Remember that if this attribute is false, Tinderbox never even examines the child notes when exporting to HTML. So individual child notes may have $HTMLDontExport set either true or false, and will not be exported in either case.

The easiest way to set this attribute is with the "Export children as pages" checkbox on the HTML view window for the note.

Some existing Tinderbox documents might generate some extra files or directories, because these settings formerly interacted in a complex way. The new rules are much simpler to understand, and are much more consistent.

Tinderbox doesn't create links to notes where any ancestor has $HTMLExportChildren set to false. The same holds for creating links to notes whose $HTMLDontExport value is false.

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