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Attributes: default values for attribute Data Types

If no value has been defined via a preference or otherwise inherited or manually set, the following are the value of 'no value' for each attribute data type.

All the other data types are essentially special forms of a String-based data type:

†. Only 3 types, out of all data types above, allow the storage of multiple values (i.e. 'lists' of discrete values), two of which are themselves specialised versions of the first:

‡. Historical note for long-time users. Originally, the Set data type was the only multi-value data type, List and Dictionary coming later on. However, the List data type is best understood as the basic (multi-value) listing type - it records what is entered in the order entered and does not alter it. Sets perform de-duplication (though 'Cat' and 'cat' as still discrete values) and auto-sort their value lists for performance reasons, especially since version 8.

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