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Interval Data Type


A new attribute type, Interval, represents time intervals and durations. For example, the interval value


represents a duration of one hour, twenty-five minutes, and forty seconds. The duration


represents one minute and thirty seconds. The duration


represents one hour and thirty minutes. A duration may be preceded by a number of days:

1 day 01:00:00 (25 hours)

2d2h30 (two days, two hours and 30 minutes)

An interval may have negative duration:


The default value for intervals is the string "00:00".

Intervals may be added or subtracted from durations, multiplied or divided by constants or numeric attributes, and may be compared for equality using == and != or for magnitude using < and >. Interval may be added to dates. Note that subtracting two dates does not currently return an interval; rather, it returns the number of days between the two dates.

The interval "2d5" is treated as 2 days, 5 hours.

The interval "1h30m10s" is treated as one hour, thirty minutes and 10 seconds.

The result of applying a binary operation where the left-hand side is a string and the right-hand side is an interval is a string. Thus adding an interval to a string:

"The answer is:" + $MyInterval returns a string.

Listing of Interval-type system attributes.