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any(group, testValue)

A Boolean operator examines a group of notes and determines whether any note in the group meets a criterion.

group describes the notes to be examined and may be any group designator including a find() query.

testValue may be any valid query expression, but will usually be a reference to an attribute; short form Boolean attribute expressions are acceptable.

The overall testValue must not be enclosed in quotes, though a literal string value within the query will need to be quoted. For example:



any(children,$Overdue) (using short form test)


any(children,!$Overdue) (using short form test)

If trying to resolve contains() for multiple matches, use any(children,$Name=="string"). Thus of it is desired for an agent to list the parent containers of all notes titled 'foo', the agent query would be:


If agents are present, it may be sensible to filter for aliases:

any(children,$Name=="foo") & !$IsAlias 

See also: every().