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^text( item[, N, plain] )^

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^text( item[, N] [, plain])^

The body (text and graphics) of the item or note, i.e. includes any existing mark-up. If a note name is not specified, 'this' is assumed as the focus. If the note only contains an image, the image's tag () is exported.

Alternative usages…

The first N words of the text of the item or note, where N is a number:

^text( item, N )^

Alternatively, the first N words of the text of the item or note, without added HTML mark-up and where N is a number:

^text( item, N, plain )^

If no HTML text mark-up is required.

^text( plain )^

The text of the current note without any added HTML mark-up codes, or use ^value($Text)^ instead. The code is effectively the same as ^text(this,plain)^.

N.B. The 'plain' option is still subject to the effects of HTMLQuoteHTML and HTMLMarkupText. For instance, if the latter is true, then the phrase "This & that." will get exported as "This & that." which might not be as intended, e.g. if exporting via runCommand().

Alternatively, to get the text of the note, totally untouched by other processes, use ^value($Text)^.