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Attribute Purpose: 

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Attribute Intrinsic? 

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Attribute Altered: 

 action   [other action-type attributes]

 (not set - empty string)

 Map   [other Map Group attributes]

 Action code






Expression for display of tabular information in map container icons.

Displayed item is for the container's child notes; descendants are not included.

For example, if $TableExpression is


Tinderbox will draw a two-column table containing the $Name and $WordCount of the first few children of the container. The "|" character (often called a vertical bar or pipe) separates the columns of the table.

Optional column headings can be specified via $TableHeading.

The expression code may be conditional. This lists all children with $Name and $Sibling order data displayed:

if($Prototype != "Attributes"){$Name+"|"+$SiblingOrder} 

This conditional version ignores any children that are agents:


This version only lists items of prototype type "Event":

if($Prototype += "Event"){$Name+"|"+$SiblingOrder}