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round() rounds the value of its argument to the nearest integer.

The Number.format, Number.precision and format() functions all round numbers in this manner when shortening numbers during formatting. A partial integer over .50 always round up, everything else rounds down. Thus:

$MyNumber = round(4.0) gives 4

$MyNumber = round(4.2) gives 4

$MyNumber = round(4.5) gives 5

$MyNumber = round(4.7) gives 5

The round function with work on string literal or String attribute values that are just numbers:

$MyNumber = round("4.2") gives 4

$MyNumber = round("4.7") gives 5

$MyString = round(4.2) gives "4"

$MyString = round(4.7) gives "5"

$MyString = round("4.2") gives "4"

$MyString = round("4.7") gives "5"

There are no functions to always force a round down (floor) or up (ceiling), but these can be simulated with a bit of action code.

See also ceil() and floor().