This version is out of date, covering development from v6.0.0 to v6.6.5. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Attribute Browser controls

This control panel is shown at the of any view pane Attribute Browser view. By default, all bar the first row of controls are hidden, accessed via a standard disclosure triangle to the left of the top set of controls.

attribute. This comprises a pair of pop-ups. the first selects an attribute group and the second a specific attribute. Setting the latter is the primary configuration task with this view.

container. More accurately this is the scope of the view/ By default a view is whole document (or current container if the view is created by altering the tab view type of an existing tab. The items listed are both immediate children and any descendants of the chosen container. The second control sets the order in which the categories are listed. Items with no value in the selected attribute list in a last un-labelled category.

summary. The controls are for per-category summaries. By default there is no summary. The first pop-up lists the $Name (default) plus an attributes shown in column view. The second control offers a choice of operation to apply to the choice. The default is no choice. For non-Number attributes the only choice offered is 'Count' which sums the number of items in that category with a value for the attribute. Thus in the basic Name/Count configuration the summary is a count of items in that category, as each note has a (single!) title. The larger range of summary types is available if the summary attribute is Number-type:

sort. Within a category, the items can be sorted on a chosen attribute. A pair of group/attribute pop-ups allow this to be selected. The default is $DisplayName.

query. A query can be added to further refine the overall choice of included items. The query applies within the current container scope as set via the container controls (above). Clicking in the input box opens a query pop-up. The description entered in the pop-up is used as a label in this box.

action. Akin to an agent action this optional action code is applied to all items listed in the view. Clicking in the input box opens an action pop-up. The description entered in the pop-up is used as a label in this box.

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