This version is out of date, covering development from v6.0.0 to v6.6.5. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Dragging Address info into Tinderbox

As at v6.3 dropping dropping a vcf onto a note to update it is not yet implemented.

Tinderbox accepts drags of vCards (vcf) from Apple Address Book and other vCard-compatible sources. A new note is created.

If a vCard is dropped on an existing note (icon) the data is added to the note and an enactment (of the text 'vCard') is shown. Dropping a vCard onto a Map or Outline view background makes a new note as in previous versions; dropping a new vCard note does not trigger an enactment helping clarify which process is occurring. The process (re-)populates the following attributes in the People attribute group (if suitable data is detected):

Also, the $URL of the (new) note will be (re-)set to the corresponding AddressBook entry. It uses a special URL of the form "addressbook://AB8F8A3E-B4F2-4DE6-9D7B-C8C511B8CC1A:ABPerson"; opeing the the URL opens Address Book at that item.

The vCard's raw data is added to $Text. If dropping on an existing note, the raw data is only added if there is no $Text, thus preserving any pre-existing text is not lost. The raw vCard data is also stored in the note's $RawData for that note - unless/until AutoFetch is also used by the note (N.B. AutoFetch can't be used to refresh vCard data).

Dropping a vCard on a note sets the prototype 'Person' if a prototype of that exact (case-sensitive) name exists. If no prototype match occurs, none is applied. When dropping on an existing note, if a "Person" prototype is found, it is set and in doing so will replace any existing $Prototype setting to a different prototype.

The telephone number chosen by Tinderbox will be the source data's preferred telephone number.

To drag-drop add vCard data or refresh existing note data, the data must be dropped thus:

In each case if the drop is correct, you will see an enactment - the view clears and the caption 'vCard' appears and disappears as the view re-draws.

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