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This returns a List of the unique values in the list - i.e. an unsorted but de-duped list. Hitherto, de-duping required passing data into a Set-type attribute and back. Trailing parentheses are optional for this property.

If $MyList is 'ant;bee;cow;bee':

$MyList = $MyList.unique 

gives 'ant;bee;cow'. The property can be chained with .sort and .reverse.

$MyList = $MyList("Another note").unique $SomeList = collect(children, $MyList).unique $MyList = collect(children, $MyList).unique

The last above sets $MyList to a list of all the unique, discrete, values to be found in $MyList in every child of the current note. Use with collect() or collect_if() to target a particular attribute across a group of notes. If a collect() with query scope is the designator 'all' the result will be every discrete value for the target list attribute across the whole document.

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