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^today( [item] [, format] )^ (DEPRECATED)

This pages describes features, codes or syntax whose use is now DEPRECATED, i.e. not advised either for new or continued pre-existing use.

Deprecated aspects of Tinderbox may be supported on a legacy basis but the latter support can't be presumed to be indefinite. Therefore you should update your active TBX documents to latest practice as soon as practical.

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DEPRECATED - use ^value(format(date("today")))^. See ^value^, format(), date(), today.

^today( [item] [, format] )^

The current date for the current item, or optional item if a different note. The format string is also optional. Thus ^today^ supports zero, one, or two arguments. It always exports the current date and time at the time of export; in the two-argument form, the note designator is ignored.

The current date when the item or note was exported to HTML. The format string is optional.

The default ^today^ : 01/02/2016 (day/month order here as this OS is set for UK)

The same in RFC 822 format ( ^today(this,*)^ ): Mon, 1 Feb 2016 11:24:00 +0000

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