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^opmlEncode( data )^ (DEPRECATED)

This pages describes features, codes or syntax whose use is now DEPRECATED, i.e. not advised either for new or continued pre-existing use.

Deprecated aspects of Tinderbox may be supported on a legacy basis but the latter support can't be presumed to be indefinite. Therefore you should update your active TBX documents to latest practice as soon as practical.

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DEPRECATED - use ^value(attributeEncode())^. See ^value^, attributeEncode().

^opmlEncode( data )^

Revised in v5.5.0, the correct usage for this code is :


Apart from necessary use of format() for Color, Set and such data types, no other encoding of attribute data is now needed for OPML. Use of ^title^ and ^text^ in this context is deprecated (since v5.5.0).

Originally, opmlEncode() code would find and encode all paragraph breaks (hard line breaks) and encode them as <code>&#10;</code> entity. Addressing several edge cases, from v5.5.0, opmlEncode encodes all of the following to HTML entities:

The action code equivalent - of the original code is attributeEncode(). Note, the latter didn't reflect the v5.5.0 improvements to opmlEncode() until v5.8.0.


OPML is UTF-8 encoded XML. As Tinderbox v5+ now exports in UTF-8 encoding, the entities address several XML related factors. A requirement of XML is that literal left angle bracket, right angle bracket and ampersand literal characters - e.g. as in attribute values - must be in entity form. Although not specified, the same is needed for double quotes as these are the delimiter for XML attribute values and a literal " will otherwise cause early closure of an attribute value and confuse downstream parsing of data. Likewise a line feed character (used for paragraph breaks) is normal not expected in XML attributes but is handled safely if an entity. The entifying of single quotes is belt & braces to avoid issues of alternate use of quoting types.

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