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Returns data in a form suitable for use an id attribute value in HTML and XML. This addresses the problem of using general text strings such as note names as 'id' attributes in output for marked up languages like HTML and XML.



Using idEncode() ensures the result begins with a letter or underscore, and contains only letters, digits, and the underscore character. Multiple underscores are collapsed to a single character. For example:

idEncode(string) -> result string

frogs -> frogs

frogs dogs -> frogs_dogs

War And Peace -> War_And_Peace

3 blind mice -> _3_blind_mice

Wow!!! Look -> Wow_Look

Notice that leading numbers (not legal for 'id' initial characters) are preceded by underscores to maintain legibility vs. the source string.

Note too (see syntax examples at top) that string literal values are "quoted" whereas attribute names are not, the latter's status being indicated by their $ prefix.

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