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This page lists all Tinderbox keyboard shortcuts ordered by the action key used with all variants (Cmd, Opt, etc.) grouped together:


A+[Cmd] Select All

A+[Ctrl] Scroll to top of window (Home)


B+[Cmd] Bold


C+[Cmd] Copy

C+[Ctrl] Rename

C+[Cmd]+[Opt] New Chart View

C+[Cmd]+[Shift] Copy picture view


D+[Cmd] Duplicate

D+[Ctrl] Scroll to bottom of window (End)


E+[Cmd]+[Opt] New Explorer View


F+[Cmd] Find

F+[Cmd]+[Opt] Make a footnote as a sibling (v4.0.0+)

F+[Cmd]+[Shift] Make a Footnote as a child (v4.0.0+)


G+[Cmd] Find Next


H+[Cmd] Hide Tinderbox

H+[Cmd]+[Opt] New HTML View

H+[Cmd]+[Shift] Export to HTML


I+[Cmd] Italic

I+[Ctrl] Insert tab

I+[Cmd] Get Info

I+[Cmd]+[Shift] Hypertext Status




K+[Cmd] Create Note

K+[Ctrl] Scroll Page Up


L+[Cmd] Make Alias

L+[Ctrl] Scroll Page Down

L+[Cmd]+[Opt] Locate

L+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Create Link

L+[Cmd]+[Shift] Create Web Link


M+[Cmd] Minimize

M+[Ctrl] View windows - Create new note

M+[Ctrl] Text window - Insert line return

M +[Cmd]+[Opt] New Map View


N+[Cmd] New Note

N+[Cmd]+[Opt] New Nakakoji View


O+[Cmd] Open Note

O+[Cmd]+[Opt] New Outline View


P+[Cmd] Print

P+[Cmd]+[Opt] Page Setup

P+[Cmd]+[Shift] Path View

P+[Cmd]+[Shift] Plain (text windows only)

P+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Ping Now


Q+[Cmd] Quit Tinderbox


R+[Cmd] Show Original

R+[Cmd]+[Opt] Roadmap


S+[Cmd] Save

S+[Cmd]+[Opt] Save As


T+[Cmd] Open Text window

T+[Cmd] Show/Hide Fonts (v3.5.0)

T+[Cmd]+[Opt] New Treemap View

T+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Show/hide sidebar

T+[Cmd]+[Shift] Show/hide Toolbar


U+[Cmd] Underline


V+[Cmd] Paste

V+[Cmd]+[Opt]+[Shift] Paste and Match Style (v4.0.2+)


W+[Cmd] Close Window

W+[Cmd]+[Opt] Post to Weblog

W+[Cmd]+[Opt] Common Words (from v3.5.0)

W+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Post to Weblog (from v3.5.0)

W+[Cmd]+[Shift] Close current TBX file


X+[Cmd] Cut

X+[Cmd]+[Opt] Text window (from v3.5.0)


Y+[Cmd] Redo (last event)

Y+[Cmd]+[Shift] History


Z+[Cmd] Undo (last event)


1+[Cmd] Quick Stamp


2+[Cmd] Attributes dialog


3+[Cmd] Network


4+[Cmd] Similar Notes








8+[Cmd] Document Preferences






[\]+[Cmd] Browse Links


[/]+[Cmd] Short Date

[/]+[Cmd]+[Opt] Short Date and Time

[/]+[Cmd]+[Shift] Time


[;]+[Cmd] Check Spelling


[,]+[Cmd] Tinderbox Preferences


[`]+[Cmd] Send Behind (Cycle Open Windows)


[-]+[Cmd] Shrink

[-]+[Cmd] Cancel Export (during HTML or text export) (v4.0.0+)


[=]+[Cmd] Magnify

[=]+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Update Now (Agents)


[[]+[Cmd] Go Back


[]]+[Cmd] Navigate


[Spacebar] Explorer - focus on text pane

[Spacebar]+[Opt] close current link before next text


[Left Arrow] Select Previous Note - Outline Order (Map)

[Left Arrow] Select Parent (non-Map)

[Left Arrow]+[Cmd] Collapse

[Left Arrow]+[Ctrl] Scroll to start of line


[Right Arrow] Select Next Note - Outline Order (Map)

[Right Arrow] Select First Child (non-Map)

[Right Arrow]+[Cmd] Expand

[Right Arrow]+[Ctrl] Scroll to end of line

[Right Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Expand Horizontally


[Up Arrow] Expand View (Map)

[Up Arrow] Select Previous (Visible) Note (non-Map)

[Up Arrow]+[Cmd] Move Note Up

[Up Arrow]+[Cmd] Expand View (Map)

[Up Arrow]+[Ctrl] Scroll Page Up

[Up Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Opt] Expand view

[Up Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Shift] Move To Front (v3.6.0)


[Down Arrow] Drill Down (Map - with a note icon selected)

[Down Arrow] Select Previous (Visible) Note (non-Map)

[Down Arrow]+[Cmd] Move Note Down

[Down Arrow]+[Ctrl] Scroll Page Down

[Down Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Opt] Drill Down (Map)

[Down Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Ctrl] Expand Vertically

[Down Arrow]+[Cmd]+[Shift] Send To Back (v3.6.0)


[Delete Back]+[Cmd] Text window - ?? open last text window?? parent text window? [function not clear]

[Delete Back]+[Opt] Delete Entire Word


[Delete Forward]+[Opt] Delete Entire Word


[Return] Create Note

[Return]+[Shift] Create child Note

[Return]+[Cmd]+[Shift] Remove Line Breaks


[Double-click] Create Note (in Outline/Map/Chart/Treeview when no note selected)

[Double-click] Open Note (in Outline/Map/Chart/Treeview when a note selected) - N.B. separate action if Outline icon is double-clicked

[Double-click] Drill down (in Map view when a note selected and click is on container part of icon)

[Double-click]+[Outline Note icon] Hoist (v4.0.2+)


[tab] Outline - demote current note

[tab] Text window - cycle key attributes

[tab] Find view - toggle focus input box/list items (v4.1.0+)

[tab]+[Opt] Text window - toggle focus text<->first key attribute

[tab]+[Opt] Explorer - toggle focus

[tab]+[Shift] Outline - promote current note


[Enter] Rename


[Cmd] Force toggle Select tool

[Cmd]+[drag select] - Select text in read-only notes.


[Option] Toggle Select Area tool

[Option]+drag HTML (HTML export) & Nakakoji (text export) views only.


[Cmd]+[Option] (Note window) Display all link text anchors


[Note text]+[click]+[Cmd]+[Opt] Create/follow TinderWiki links


[Outline disclosure triangle]+[click]+[Cmd] Outline - show/hide siblings (toggle)

[Outline disclosure triangle]+[click]+[Cmd]+[Opt] Expand/Collapse All Containers (toggle)

[Outline disclosure triangle]+[click]+[Opt] Expand All Descendants (toggle)


[View selection]+[click]+[Cmd] - add/remove item

[View selection]+[click]+[Shift] - expand selection


[Mouse wheel] Vertical Map Scroll

[Mouse wheel]+[Shift] Horizontal Map scroll


[Outline icon]+[Double-click] - Hoist (v4.0.2+)

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