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Title tab

Title tab

This tab gives easy access for setting a number of main view title-related attributes of notes. The results are applied to all selected note(s).

Color. There are 3 'standard' colour controls that set $NameColor:

  • Defined colour list pop-up menu.
  • Colour shade pop-up menu.
  • Custom colour picker dialog.

Alignment. Map icon tile alignment options; sets $NameAlignment.

Size. The pop-up shows type point size which sets an underlying attribute value (in brackets). Two similar pop-up lists set notes' title size for Map view ($MapTextSize) and separately for Outline/Chart/Timeline views ($OutlineTextSize). The default is derived from the size being set in the Map Font control Maps pane of Document Settings: 14 point by app default. The stored attribute value is a percentage of magnification used to draw note titles, so 14pt maps to 100(%). Thus, if a note's $MapTextSize is 200, it will be twice as large as normally-sized items (e.g. 28pt vs. 14pt). If the underlying attribute is set to any other value than those below, the title's size is scaled accordingly but the pop-up list shows a blank selected value, though the others remain available:

  • 9 (stored value = 64, i.e. 64% of default base size)
  • 10 (71)
  • 12 (86)
  • 14 (100) default (set via Doc Settings: see above).
  • 16 (114)
  • 18 (129)
  • 24 (171)
  • 32 (229)
  • 48 (343)

Bold. This option bolds the title ($NameBold).

Strikethrough. This option set strike-through on the title toggles ($NameStrike).

DisplayExpression. Displays/sets $DisplayExpression.

Display Expression Enabled. Toggles $DisplayExpressionEnabled.