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Links and Export

Any basic or text links to other notes are not exported as links if the link destination note is not itself exported as a stand-alone page. A note only exported as an ^include^ to another note does not qualify as a stand-alone page.

It might be assumed the 'parent' of the include would inherit the inbound link but it does not. For documents written with export in mind, this can be an important fact to consider when deciding the granularity of notes as every link destination must be a discrete note/page.

On export only, aliases without basic links of their own will export the basic links of their original, if any such exist.

Hierarchical Links

If you choose, Tinderbox can create additional links from text on each exported web page to provide access to the notes that are nearby in the Tinderbox hierarchy. This original feature is discontinued and now, more flexibly, depends on the code added to the HTML template used for export. There is a wide range of such codes.