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Attributes: Displayed Attributes

The term 'Key Attributes' is replaced by the more descriptive 'Displayed Attributes'

Any note or agent may optionally display a table of user selected attributes. The point is to enable the user to view those attributes' values in the note text pane instead of having to open the Get Info pop-over or use the Properties Inspector's Quickstamp method.

There is nothing special about these attributes. A note's Displayed Attributes table is simply a user-chosen list of attributes considered worthy of display for a given note. Indeed, this listing is stored, and inherited as the value for attribute $DisplayedAttributes.

Reasons for using Displayed Attributes so can include:

As new users often first come across Displayed Attributes or reference to the feature, this can cause confusion. To be clear: adding an attribute to the Displayed Attributes table has no effect on the attribute's value or upon its inheritance. Such an attribute is merely more easily viewed in the context of that note.

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