This version is out of date, covering development from v9.0.0 to v9.3.0. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Prototype: Action


From v9.1.0, this marks the note as holding action code, as opposed to other types of code. Its primary intended use is for support of internal stamp notes.

Based on the Code prototype, this also sets $IsAction for a note, enabling Tinderbox to offer auto-complete for action code operators and syntax colouring of code. Note this highlighting latter does not use the general syntax highlighting methods but uses a separate in-app colouring previously reserved for code input boxes.

So this uses broadly the same settings as the Code prototypes except that $IsAction is set to true. Use for things like storing long actions such as deeply nested if() statements, or for command line code for use with runCommand().

For notes using this prototype and which with be exported, e.g. CSS code, boilerplate text, the prototype-inherited default for $HTMLDontExport (as seen below) should be reversed locally in the code note itself.

This prototype's non-default customisations other than $IsPrototype, $Name, and intrinsic map features (height, width, etc.) are listed below.

$Badge: "design".

$Color: "lightest black".

$OnAdd: $NeverComposite=true;

$IsAction: true (ticked).

$HTMLDontExport: true (ticked).

$HTMLFirstParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLFirstParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLIndentedParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLIndentedParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$NoSpelling: true (ticked).

$SmartQuotes: false (un-ticked).

$ParagraphSpacing: 0.

$Tabs: "0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;".

$TextFont: "Andale Mono".

$Ziplinks: false (un-ticked).