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Displayed Attributes value autocompletion

String-valued Displayed Attributes table values offer autocompletion when edited in the Displayed Attributes section of text windows. The auto-complete is quite flexible and does not just match from the start of possible matching values. For example, if you type "kin", autocompletion will offer matches such as "Laurie R. King."

Use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to select alternative autocompletion possibilities.

To not use the currently suggested auto-complete value, or to use a value that is a substring of the suggested value, use the backspace key (⌫). The edit box shows only the characters actually typed by the user.

If there are very large numbers of possible values, the list used for auto-complete matching is that also used to populate the pop-up value listings for string-based attributes and has the same limits.

If the value being typed begins with a digit, a decimal point, or a - sign, then autocomplete is inhibited for that value. Autocomplete is inconvenient when used with string attributes that happen to have numeric forms, such as Dewey Decimal numbers or numeric IP addresses or social security numbers. Previously in this case, Tinderbox eagerly made suggestions, but they were unlikely to be very helpful.

Set and list attributes offer autocompletion based on discrete list values (as opposed to all list values stored for a given note). For Set or List type attribute only, value autocompletion regards the character '@' as starting a word; this is to support GTD-style tag values with an '@' prefix.

Autocompletion supports values with diacriticals allowing matches beyond the basic ASCII character set. Auto-completion is also used with edit-in-place of Outline view column data.

The token field of the Displayed Attributes picker offers autocompletion options for all attributes that contain the current string, not only those beginning with that string.

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