This version is out of date, covering development from v9.0.0 to v9.3.0. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Attribute Data Type: 

Attribute Default Value: 

Attribute Group: 

Attribute Purpose: 

Attribute Inherited from Preferences?   

Attribute UI-configurable? 

Attribute Read-Only? 

Attribute Intrinsic? 

Attribute First Added: 

Attribute Altered: 

 boolean   [other boolean-type attributes]


 Textual   [other Textual Group attributes]

 Data synch



 No   [other read-only attributes]

 No   [other intrinsic attributes]



Optionally disable automatic update to text link anchors edits.

Default: true

After a note is renamed, the app automatically updates text links if (a) the text link's destination is the renamed note, and (b) the text link's anchor text is the old name of the renamed note. Though this is often the desired behaviour, but may in some instances not be desirable.

Thus, an option to disable automatic renaming is available in Document Settings: Text: Update after renaming. But automatic renaming may also be disabled by setting this attribute.

In large, well-linked document that do not use note titles as link anchor text, this option is of less use as it is essentially unneeded so nugatory background work for Tinderbox to be doing.