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Attribute Inherited from Preferences?   

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Attribute Intrinsic? 

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Attribute Altered: 

 color   [other color-type attributes]


 Outline   [other Outline Group attributes]

 Outline configuration



 No   [other read-only attributes]

 No   [other intrinsic attributes]



Deprecated: see $PrototypeHighlightColor

Not used in v6, retained for legacy compatibility.

Colour of the circle shown behind the Outline view note icons of prototype notes. Deprecated in favour of $PrototypeHighlightColor which is a clearer description of purpose.

The default is very light: if prototypes do not show a mark behind them try a darker value for this attribute. To avoid the mark showing, set the attribute the same as $MapBackgroundColor.

The default value of #cceecc is inherited from the Document Settings Outlines tab's Prototype highlight colour.