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Problematic Characters for Action code in $Name and $Path

If intending to do action code based creation/deletion/traversal of links in the document, it is advisable to avoid the following characters when titling notes: forward or backward slashes, opening/closing parentheses, colon, semi-colon. Note: this list is not exhaustive.

If a path contains slashes or parentheses, Tinderbox checks for note names that exactly match the path. For example, if the input path value is S/Z, this matches either the note Z inside container S or the note named S/Z.

Paths containing Parentheses

Paths containing $Names including parentheses, e.g. "Fred Smith (Jr.)", will handle correctly during concatenation. In older pre-v6 versions, parentheses caused the new string to terminate at the first parenthesis. For a note with $Name "Fred Smith (Jr.)" setting a new path:

"/Some/Path/"+ $Name 

…gives "/Some/Path/Fred Smith (Jr.)" unlike the old (and incorrect) "/Some/Path/Fred Smith ".

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