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This operator constructs a new dictionary from a string. The string must contain pairs of keys and values separated by a colon; each key/value pair is separated by a semicolon. For example:

$MyDictionary=dictionary("cat:animal; dog:animal; rock: mineral"); 

The key "cat" has the value "animal", while the key "rock" has the value "mineral".

Normally the output will be passed to a Dictionary attribute, but if passed to an action code variable the latter should function as if a dictionary.

The operator's input string will be in the form of semi-colon delimited set of key:value pairs, i.e.

$MyDictionary = dictionary("cat:animal; dog:animal; rock:mineral"); 


$MyString = "cat:animal; dog:animal; rock:mineral"; 

$MyDictionary = dictionary($MyString); 

Direct creation (deprecated)

It is possible that a dictionary can be made by passing an appropriately structured string to a Dictionary type attribute, thus:

$MyDictionary = "cat:animal; dog:animal; rock:mineral"; 

This latter usage is deprecated and the more explicit dictionary() operator should be used in its place.