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createAttribute(name[, type])

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createAttribute(name[, type])

From v9.2.0, the operator createAttribute(name[, type]) can create a new user attributes. If an attribute of the same name already exists, the operator has no effect and returns false. Otherwise, a new user attribute is created.

Optionally, a type argument may be supplied to determine the data type of the new attribute. Recognised values for type include: string, number, boolean, date, color, interval, file, list, set, url, and dictionary. If no type valued is supplied, Tinderbox creates a String-type attribute.

A basic example using just the name argument, results in a new String-type attribute called 'MyList':

$MyBoolean = createAttribute("SomeList"); 

But, in the example above, the chosen name for the new attribute indicates the intended data-type should be of List data type. Therefore, use of the optional type argument would make more sense to signal user intent to Tinderbox more clearly:

$MyBoolean = createAttribute("SomeList", "list"); 

Again, the action results in a new String-type attribute called 'MyList'.