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covid(zip code, date, keyword)

covid(state, country, date, keyword)

The operator covid() returns information about the 2020 pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.

covid(zip code, date, keyword)

Returns the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries reported that day in the US country that contains this zip code. For example

$MyNumber = covid("02148", date(2020,1,4), "cases"); 

This returns the number of cases reported in Middlesex County, Massachusetts for 4 January 2020. The keyword argument may be a quoted string with any of the following values:

covid(state, country, date, keyword)

A four-argument variant allows you to query results by US state:

$MyNumber = covid("MA","US",date(2020,1,4),"recoveries"); 

This returns the number of recoveries reported for the date 4 January 2020, from Massachusetts.

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