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Returns Boolean true if the value is greater or equal to min and less than max. The comparison method is based on the type of value; numerical, lexical, string and set comparisons are chosen as needed.

The logic is:

((value >= min) & (value < max))

Thus between() is true if value==min but false if value==max.

If $MyNumber is 7, then:

$MyBoolean = between($MyNumber, 1, 5); is false

$MyBoolean = between($MyNumber, 1, 9); is true

More realistically the operator would be used in a query or a conditional expression:

if(between($MyNumber, 1, 5)){…}else{…}; would test as true and execute the code in the first conditional branch.

Do not use this operator for testing Date-type attributes directly. Either use days() instead or use between() with format() or Date.format() to create a suitable string values for testing.

In the query creation pop-ups of agent and Find dialogs this function is listed as "is between".

This replaces the legacy #between query operator.