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This adds up lists of numbers. If $MyList is 1;2;3;4, then for:

$MyNumber = $MyList.sum; 

$MyNumber is 10, i.e. 1+2+3+4.

Non-numerical items

The general expectation is this operator is used for numberonly lists. Non-numerical list items are ignored:

"2; 4; 6; 12".sum gives 24 

"2; 8bees; 4; bee; 6; bee5; 12; bee2bee" also gives 24 

However, be aware of note this edge case;

2; 8 bees; 4; bee; 6; bee 5; 12; bee 2 bee gives 32 

Here, the original result of 24 is supplemented by the opening 8 from '8 bees' and the trailing 5 from 'bee5' to give 32. But, the 2 entirely within 'bee 2 bee' is not counted.