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Dictionary.add(key, value)

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Dictionary.add(key, value)

This sets a key to the value.

If key does not exist, that key is created with a value of value.

If key exists, key is given value value. This replaces any/all existing values for this key.

Assume $MyDictionary has no 'apple' key. Example:

$MyDictionary = $MyDictionary.add("apple","fruit"); 

The key 'apple' is added and now has value 'fruit'

$MyDictionary = $MyDictionary.add("apple","green"); 

The key 'apple' now has a new value 'green'. Now assume the 'apple' key has multiple values of 'fruit;green;red':

$MyDictionary = $MyDictionary.add("apple","pie"); 

Now the value is just 'pie' because a .add() operator replaces all existing value(s). To add an additional value(s) to existing value(s), see Dictionary.extend().

This operator is also equivalent to:

Dictionary["key"] = "value";