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$AttributeName (short form test for value)

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In queries and conditional action code expressions, starting an attribute name preceded by a $ character functions as a shortened form of the Boolean test for a true value. Thus the following are functional equivalents:



In both cases the result is true if the value of $MyBoolean is true.

In all other contexts, the $AttributeName syntax implies a reference to that attribute.

Usefully Tinderbox also useful supports such short-form $AttributeName tests for all the other attribute data types, returning true if the attribute has a non-default value. Per data type, this equates to long form tests like:











In all these cases a short-form test returns true if the attribute value is not the default for that data type.

A reverse short form test is also offered by (!$AttributeName), i.e. the same syntax with a preceding exclamation mark and enclosing parentheses. In theory, the latter parentheses are not necessary, but in practice it helps Tinderbox when parsing a query.

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