This version is out of date, covering development from v7.0.0 to v7.5.6. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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This file holds a number of configuration settings currently not included in the document's Document settings in the config sub-folder of the Tinderbox Support folder. The file is stored Most settings relate to weblogs and RSS but two are for general use:

The application should be re-started after editing these files to ensure changes are detected.

From v7.2.2, when Tinderbox reads a custom config.xml from the application support folder, it first initialises the configuration to the built-in config.xml. Formerly, configurations left unspecified in the custom file used undocumented defaults.

Two further elements may be overridden in config.xml. The default font name sets the default $TextFont for newly-created documents, and 1-9 sets the relative $TextFontSize from 1 (tiny) to 9 (huge). For instance:

<TextFont>Helvetica Neue</TextFont>

To support the wider range of font size selection possible in more recent versions (v7+) a new tag is supported to replace TextSize. NewTextSize holds the desired size a point value. Thus, to set a default 20pt size for $Text, add this to config.xml instead of the old TextSize tag:


The default content config.xml (as in the app package):

<config version="1">
	<RecentPostLimit> 25 </RecentPostLimit>
	<RecentFileLimit> 7 </RecentFileLimit>
	<UniqueValueLimit> 999 </UniqueValueLimit>

New to v7, the Outline view darker colour option may be overridden at app level by adding this to the config.xml:

<DarkenOutlineColors> 0</DarkenOutlineColors> 

The old <TextSize> which used numbered codes for size is now superseded by (and trumped by if both are found) <NewTextSize> specified in point size, i.e '16' for 16-point text.