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Tinderbox Wizards

What do they do?

Wizards are mainly of use if you want to distribute a Tinderbox demo or project that you need to share with others and know that things like the export templates will be correctly set up.

Do I need to understand this feature?

Not normally. If you are simple the recipient of a wizard you just follow the instructions on screen - it is that simple.

What are they?

Tinderbox Wizards are Mac OS X packages (or perhaps more precisely partial packages - 'bundles'). Tinderbox will need to be installed on the target computer in order for them to work as they use Tinderbox to run the Wizard.

Can I make one?

Creating a formal OS X Package requires you install Apple's Developer Tools, etc. Whilst free, the whole experience isn't for the average user. The method described should suffice for basic Tinderbox project use:

Are there examples?

The best place to look is the Tinderbox Public File Exchange.

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