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Agents and intrinsic attributes

Some attributes are intrinsic to aliases. For instance, this allows an alias to have a different $Xpos and $Ypos from its original and thus a different location on the agent's map to that of the aliases' original.

In an agent action, it may tus sometimes be necessary to use the 'original' designator to set the original note's attribute and not the value of the same which is intrinsic to the alias. In an agent action:

$MyString = "hello" 

…sets $MyString both original and alias as the user attribute is not intrinsic. But:

$Xpos = 4; 

…would set only the $Xpos of the alias, whilst this would set only the original's value:

$Xpos(original) = 4; 

Either of the following would set both:

$Xpos = 4;$Xpos(original) = 4; 

$Xpos = 4;$Xpos(original) = $Xpos; 

See a list of intrinsic attributes.

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