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The Flint weblog creation wizard, which aids in the creation of a complete weblog was formally announced in v.3.0.3. It requires separately purchased registration code.

Flint offers the user 4 differently styled CSS-based sets of template and various other features (set as setting up Amazon affiliate links). The user need not use the defaults - the 'default' Flint output can also be used a design example and as a stepping stone to more complex or personally styled web sites.

The output is 'just' HTML and CSS and doesn't need to be a weblog - it may simply be a few static web pages, whatever you want!

Flint was updated in tandem with v4 to reflect issues created by the introduction of HTMLIndentedParagraphStart and HTMLIndentedParagraphEnd attributes.

If you use a Flint-created TBX from a Flint version before v1.0.1 you should locate the note /prototypes/*CSS and open its Get Info window (Cmd+Opt+I) at the HTML attributes section and set the two above mentioned attributes to hold no value (i.e. blank/no text). If you're still unsure about how to do this fix, best to drop an email to support at Eastgate and they'll be able to set you right.

Flint was versioned to v2.0.2 in v4.6.1, presumably to account for v.4.6.x syntax changes.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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