This version is out of date, covering development from v6.0.0 to v6.6.5. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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About the TB Version Checker (for the local TBX user)

The aTbRef Tinderbox now has a built-in version checker that allows you to keep your local TBX copy up to date (as long as you have internet access). If your version of the TBX is for a previous version of Tinderbox, i.e. vX.0.1 instead of vX.0.2, then note "Version Checker" found near the bottom of the root outline will colour red and indicate a more recent version is available.

Here's how it works. The Change Log agent's rule is:

if($ChildCount){$MyVersion = $MyVersion(child);} 

As the agent sorts the most recent new version first, the agent's $MyVersion now holds the current version - assuming there are any new versions since the current baseline; for a new baseline the agent's $MyVersion is set manually. The Version Checker note has this rule:

^include(Rule code for version checker)^

Note how $MyVersion is updated by the Change Log's attribute.

As the rule is complex is is stored in a code note in /UTILS and the note's $Rule sets the version checker's $Rule. This makes it easier to view the whole code and to edit/update it, as changes to the code note are reflected in an updated Version Check $Rule.

The Version Checker exports as a file called 'vc.txt', using this template:


The result is a small file called vc containing nothing but a text string with the version number of the current Tinderbox release.

The Version Checker also has $AutoFetch as true and a $URL of "^value($URL("Tinderbox Version Checker"))^". This populates the $Text of Version Checker with the current version string output when the master TBX is exported. Thus the local TBX can compare if it local $MyVersion matches the one published online in 'vc.txt'. If different, the action (above) uses a change of colour and of $DisplayExpression to indicate a newer TBX is available.

The note has the download URL for the master TBX's ZIP file displayed as a key attribute - click the globe next to $MyURL.

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