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^linkTo( item [, data] [,css class] )^

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^linkTo( item [, data] [,css class] )^

Exports the data as the anchor text of a link to the web page corresponding to the designated item (or note). The data can be simply some text or another export function's result and may include HTML mark-up code. The data argument is optional, and if not used the name of the destination note is used. The item can be a named note, an item object or a path (e.g. /headlines/latest/).

If included, the css class element causes the HTML link output to include a class="" attribute.

^linkTo()^ exports links from included files relative to the current page.

Example link to "Colophon": Colophon

Same but with a 'data' argument: Read the Colophon

Same but with a 'data' and 'css class' argument: Read the Colophon

To get the relative URL of a note, use ^url()^.

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