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The Hypertext Status view gives an overview of the current documents contents. The caption bar is titled 'Info: [TBX's filename]'. It lists:

  • Notes. The number of notes in the current document.
  • Agents. The number of agents in the current document.
  • Aliases. The number of aliases in the current document.
  • Links. The number of links in the current document.
  • Attributes. the number of user attributes defined in the current document.
  • Free Memory. The amount of free memory on the host system.
  • Words. The total word count for all notes.
  • Agent update time. The loop time to complete the running of all agents defined in the current document. This is actually the longest elapsed time during the current session (i.e. since opening the TBX). After adjusting agent performance, it may help to close and re-open the TBX to see if the update time has changed.
Hypertext Status view


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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