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<wizard version="" requires="" title=""> [contents] </wizard>

Occurs: Once, as wrapper to all wizard contents

Multiple instances: No

Has attributes: Yes - version, requires, title

Self-closing: no

This tag identifies the contents to Tinderbox as a publishing wizard.

version. The version number of the wizard. This doesn't appear to have any functional significance except to give version tracking to the wizard's author.

requires. The minimum Tinderbox version number required to successfully run the wizard. If the installed version of Tinderbox is less than the required value, the wizard does not run. Note that if the wizard doesn't run the user gets no warning message as to why the wizard has stopped (unlike with Tutorials).

title. This is text string that appears in the top of the window in every pane of the wizard.


<wizard version="4" requires="1.3.0" title="Weblog Assistant"> 

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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