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<validate> [command] </validate>

Occurs: in any stringPanel, filePanel

Multiple instances: Once in any appropriate panel

Has attributes: No

Self-closing: No

The validate command acts on the user-set contents of a panel. If the command cited is not met, the 'next' button is disabled. Once the command's criteria are met, e.g. something is typed in a text input box, then the button is enabled.

There are two known codes: 'NotEmpty' and 'ValidCode'.

NotEmpty. This simply checks the text input box of a stringPanel or the path box of a filePanel is not empty. This can be used with a stringPanel that is configured with a default string value, to ensure that the user can't proceed if they simply delete the default value. The latter case doesn't apply to the filePanel as once set the path can only be altered via the browser button.

Validcode. This allows for wizards that require a registration code. Anyone requiring the detail of this functionality should contact Eastgate directly.



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