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<Set name="screenshot" [type="string"]> string </Set>

Occurs: Inside prepare

Multiple instances: Yes

Has attributes: Yes - name, type

Self-closing: No

Use the Set command to initialise variables for use whilst the wizard is running. It is not necessary to pre-initialise variables to be created on input panels via the result command. Use this to set export locations, images, default choices.

name. The name of the target variable used by this instance of the Set command. If not already defined, this command initiates the variable.

type. [Optional] Acceptable parameters for this option are not know, though 'file' is one such.


This creates a variable $screenshot :

<Set name="screenshot">:resources:blue.jpg</Set> 

The variable is then later used thus:


This allocates a file type variable/value:

<Set name="outputFile" type="file">Code Sample Export.tbx</Set> 

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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