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Tinderbox has built-in wiki support - the scope is within an individual TBX file..

Cmd-option-click on any WikiWord (in Tinderbox, a capitalized word with both internal capital and lower-case letters, i.e. 'CamelCase') to open the note whose title is that WikiWord. If no such note exists, Tinderbox offers to create one for you. The new note is always created as a child of the current note. This isn't usually appropriate (sibling would make more sense) but luckily you can drag the new note anywhere in you view's levels and the TinderWiki links work as they would with any other note. Another way to quickly make a child into a sibling is, with the parent note selected, use 'Promote Children' (Note menu, no keyboard shortcut); think carefully if there is more than one child as this method acts on all children of the current parent.

There is an order of precedence that Tinderbox uses to locate existing WikiNotes. If the originally created note is moved to some other part of the outline, and in the unlikely event another note with an identical name is created within a closer area of precedence to the source note, the link will open the second note, not the original one.

Be warned about mixing Basic links and WikiWord links in the same note. In such a scenario, Cmd-Opt-clicking anywhere inside a note's text area (though obviously, not on an embedded basic link), including on WikiWords, will open the first basic link listed in the Links drop down for the note (incidentally, this order can be changed using the Link Browser and drag and drop). Basic links, whether they are text embedded or not, always have a higher priority than WikiLinks, which are dynamic by nature.

Therefore, it is typically best to stick to one philosophy of linking or the other, when designing your link structures, or to use Tinderbox's WikiLinks to create a rapid prototype which can be later converted to the more stable, typed, basic links.

Due to their dynamic nature, WikiLinks will not be available in any of Tinderbox's tools for examining and finding links, such as the Browse Links dialog, Roadmap, various query and template calls, nor will it be highlighted as a link when holding down Cmd-Opt in the note window, or drawn on the Map view. When a WikiLink is Cmd-Option-clicked, Tinderbox always looks for a matching named note, whether or not such a note has already been created. In this sense, it should not be thought of as a proper link, but a pointer to a potential location; a link that does not exist until clicked on, which then ceases to exist after activation.

Being internal to Tinderbox, TinderWiki links can't be exported to HTML, etc.

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