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You sometimes need to specify a reference to a note relative to something else, like the current note. Group Objects are a set of generic relative references, or placeholders to a group [sic] of notes whose actual identity is context sensitive. Group placeholders are written with lower case starting letters and intercapitalised if multiword; e.g. sibling. Usage is case sensitive. In all cases the object word used in code is singular - plurals will not work (i.e. not 'ancestors', 'children', 'descendants' or 'siblings').

Thus, for a word count of the current note's children you use:


... and not ...


In older versions this would have required using an export code:


Some HTMLExport markup codes operate on groups of notes such as child, descendant, ancestor, and sibling.

If a group is empty - e.g. the current note has no children), the group operator returns the equivalent value/boolean for the current note instead.

There may be more groups — the manual is slightly vague about this.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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