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$DateAttribute < "date"

Gathers all notes whose DateAttribute value is before the given date. The left-side date cannot be less than 'never'.

$NumberAttribute < number

Gathers all notes whose NumberAttribute value is smaller than the given number.

Boolean. A 'true' is always greater than 'false'.

Color. Tinderbox does not perform greater/less than comparisons on Color-type attributes.

Sets. Tinderbox does not perform greater/less than comparisons on Set-type attributes.

String. A lexical comparison is done of each string character by character, i.e. the ASCII value of each first character, then each second character, etc. Uppercase characters < lowercase < numbers. For other characters , accents, etc, comparisons are likely to not meet linguistic expectation as the values will be based on Unicode sort order. Thus

"dog" > "cat"

"dog" > "Dog"

"dogs" > "dog"

"dogs" > "dogma"

"dogs" < "døg" NOTE!

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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