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A note may be designated as a separator. A separator is drawn in outline view as a horizontal line. The note's name, if any, is shown centered in a box-out in the middle of the separator line. If the note has no Name value or it is "untitled' the separator shows as a solid line. For separators no duplicate name warning is given if the Name value is left blank.

No note icon is shown for a separator note so the age/level of content/age can't be judged although the separator is a fully functional note. In other than Outline view, a separator is shown as a normal note (see comment further below re Map view).

A separator can still have normal note features like a Rule and OnAdd action and become a container by having notes added to it (though doing this deliberately doesn't make much sense!). It can link and be linked to. It can also have note text; in such cases Treemap and Chart views will show a 'dogear' symbol denoting text content.

To designate a note as a separator, check the Separator checkbox in the Create (Rename) Note dialog, or set the value of Separator to true.

Separator notes default to exporting as HTML (only) if:

  • they contain note text, or
  • they contain child notes


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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